Designer Diamond jewelry – Best Gifts to make Women Happy

Want to make someone special happy? Gift her beautiful piece of jewelry and you are almost done! Jewelry has been best friend of every woman since a long time. Initially, jewelry was adorned by womenfolk only, but with changing times men are also seen to deck themselves up with various types of ornaments.

Ornaments can be of various metals, precious as well as semi-precious. Once jewelry meant only gold jewelry but with changing times various other metals came into vogue. Recently platinum and diamond jewelry has become a favorite with customers all across the globe. Some of the other precious and semi-precious gems and stones that are used in the manufacturing of various types of jewels include ruby, sapphire, amethyst, jade, emerald etc.

Jewelry is an item of personal possession, which can range from earrings to necklaces, from rings to pendants, from bracelets to brooches so on and so forth. Myriad jewelries are designed for various functions and occasions. Wedding jewelries are heavily made and embellished when compared to jewelries that are designed for daily wear. The wedding ring is one of the most sought after jewelries in the world.

Jewelry are not only pieces of adornment, but they also symbolize status and dignity in society. Jewelries are also a favorite in the fashion world. There are exclusive fashion shows that deal only with precious and semi-precious jewelry as well as diamond jewelry.

Diamond market is most dominant in the Western countries, followed by the Asian countries like India, China and Japan.

The countries of the Middle East also have a fair share in the jewelry market of the world. Therefore the craze for jewelries is unending and will only increase with time. The only difference will be in the style and design.