Internet Shopping Is Challenging Traditional Shopping Stores

People’s shopping behaviour is changing with the use of the internet. Shoppers are not total ignoring traditional stores but are using them in different ways. Retailers are and need to adapt to the modern shopper’s demand of a more entertaining and interactive experience.

The internet is often used for researching products before buying at a store. Recent research suggests two thirds of people buying electrical goods research online before purchasing. This compares with 35% researching home wares and 20% fashion goods.

A survey (where/when?) of more than 1000 people revealed that 14% buy products online more than once a week and that 60% of participants predict that they will spend more online in the future. Internet shopping is not only a young persons activity as 20% of current online shoppers are over 55 years old.

The major reason cited for online shopping is convenience. Many people have full and busy lives and shopping by a click of a button is the faster way. Shopping can be done at home at any time of the day and the purchases are delivered direct to the home. It reduces the need to use inefficient public transport, there are no travel costs and eliminates the frustration of arriving at a shop to discover a chosen item is out of stock.

Internet shopping does have its own challenges. It can be hard to find good shopping sites. An internet shopping site needs to be secure, easy to navigate and its items should be fairly priced. There are many different product sites. Some sites only review products and others are personal blogs. It is essential that an internet retailer will deliver goods promptly and allow a customer to return items easily if they are not satisfied.

There are websites that help take care of the hard work out of internet shopping. These sites find interesting products from many reputable retailers and bring them together under one umbrella. Each product is briefly reviewed and the shopper can click through to the retailer to buy the product. Many of these sites have a great variety of products divided into shopping categories. Many focus on one market only, but there are some that focus on several countries and most products can be shipped to a country of choice. These are ideas sites that give the consumer fun and interesting products at the click of a button. With so much choice on the internet it often a timely task to find the product of choice.