Market America Review – Is it Really an Internet Shopping Experience?

Market America encourages shoppers to take full advantage of internet shopping. The internet has hundred’s of shopping websites to choose from including everything from electronics, health and nutrition, fashion, entertainment, the latest news and weather and even what’s hot on the stock market, just to name a few examples.

They work in conjunction with huge conglomerate businesses and can make your shopping experience a dream or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it. Market America is considered to be a one-stop shopping concept. By combining the people with the internet, you never have to physically wait in a long line
ever again.

Market America is ‘a private brokerage product company’, who boasts of fast service and the best prices on the market. They say their products are highly sought after with the highest quality. They also have a catchy slogan they use in advertising and that slogan is, “malls without walls.” Their ‘seek and you shall find’, philosophy seems to be advantageous to the company.

As with many other companies, Market America offers a company opportunity. However, some say it is a scam, just another pyramid scheme, where only the big guys at the top of the ladder earn the real money. In any event, Market America allegedly does not have their distributors earning money from recruiting other distributors as with other types of company compensation plans. This is how the pyramid scheme idea can come in to play. They claim not at all to be a pyramid scheme as they say their distributors only sell directly to customers who are interested in buying millions of different products.

The disadvantages with this type of business could be simply not being able to see, feel and touch the merchandise first hand. This leaves very little, ‘instant gratification’ to the consumer if one is in the least bit concerned about that sort of thing.

The convenience and satisfaction of not having to deal with the more contemporary way of shopping is very advantageous to the one stop shopper. However, with any company offer, using extreme caution is highly recommended. If you are not knowledgeable in this industry, you may bite off a bit more than you can chew.