Fashion for You and The Kids – How to Look Great This Winter

Close up profile portrait of two girl children sisters rubbing noses together while in a park during a cold winter day, having fun and smiling outdoors.

Have you sorted your winter wardrobe yet? Summer is almost over and the shops have started to stock winter wear; it’s about time you picked some new clothes to be in-style this winter. Keep reading to find out the best trends around for kids fashion this winter, and a few little treasures to treat yourself to as well!

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that dressing them well is just one of the many responsibilities you have as a parent. In fact, it’s practically essential given that they’ve outgrown all their clothes from last year. But with so much to do, it’s hard to find the time to head out and plan a wardrobe in time… let us help.

How to Pick Kids Winter Wardrobes

There are 3 essential things that you need to look for. First, is quality. Kids clothes need to be tough and strong to deal with all the wear and tear they go through. They’ll be jumping in puddles, making snowmen, catching leaves and playing conkers, no doubt. Their winter wardrobe needs to be durable and good quality.

Secondly, price. There’s a high chance that your kids will outgrow their winter wardrobe by next winter, so don’t spend huge amounts of money on something that you know they’ll only wear once! That being said, don’t buy the cheapest of the cheap either. Find a balance that fits your budget.

Lastly, pick stylish clothes! You need to look good as a family, so find clothes that are in style and will look fashionable.

Winter 2017 Trends

This year we’re seeing a lot of repeat trends. If you’ve still got some chunky knit jumpers and mid-length thick skirts from last year, don’t be afraid to get them out again. That goes for you and the kids.

The colour of Autumn/Winter 2017 is bright, bold red. Not just a red scarf. We mean head to toe red. Fabulous! Another trend we’ve noticed on the catwalks is stand-out shoes. Metallics are still fashionable, so don’t hide those away. Go for bold shoes in bright colours and prints, even if they’re kids wellies.

There is one fashion trend that’s always popular come winter time; Scandinavian style. We can’t get enough of this.

Copenhagen Style

Minimalist fashion is cool in winter. No one does this better than the Danes. Look at the solid, warm coats and comfy boots seen in Copenhagen fashion week just gone. Scandinavian fashion is a perfect place to start for your kids winter wardrobes., a new children’s wear label, has already stocked all the essentials for you to order online.

They hit all 3 essential things you need to look for in children’s clothing. Their clothes are wearable, durable and beautiful. Take a look at the Outwear collection for stylish red coats, hats and gloves.

An Early Christmas Present

Once you’ve got the kids fashion wardrobe set for winter, it’s time to work on your own. Matching outfits with your son/daughter are always cute, but don’t forget you can glam it up a bit more. For an early Christmas present, take a look at the stunning jewellery at

Treat yourself to a statement necklace to wear over your chunky knit jumpers, or find a pair of sparkling earrings for this year’s work Christmas party. Pilgrim has a little something for every woman, including watches, to complete your winter outfits perfectly.

Good luck with your winter wardrobe shopping!